Do’s & Don’ts : Pain Relief

Pain. It’s something that most of us have dealt with in the past, or are currently dealing with.

Regardless of the current situation, these are some helpful tips we’ve learned over the years and passed on.

Do Speak Up: If you’re dealing with daily pain, maybe it’s time to tell someone that can help.

Maybe you’ve been taking over the counter medicines to deal with pain, and they just aren’t cutting it anymore. Telling your doctor if over the counter medicines aren’t helping with your pain is a good first step towards a solution. Many chronic pain conditions can often lead to depression, anxiety and other psychological problems.

Don’t Overmedicate: Opioid painkillers, such as codeine and oxycodone, are highly effective at treating moderate to severe pain.

However, they are also highly addictive. And while it may be tempting to take more than what is prescribed, it is very dangerous!

It’s also important to keep an eye on the time of your last dose. Taking a dose too soon will result in overmedication, and can be harmful.

Don’t Skip Exercise: When you’re in pain, the natural inclination is to sit still. However, science says that may not be the best strategy for chronic pain.

Instead, try low impact and moderate intensity exercise is usually a better solution. Why? In addition to strengthening muscles, exercise increases blood flow and boosts endorphin production for natural pain relief. Believe it or not, moving could possibly help you heal.

Do Try To Relax: Stress and anxiety start in the brain, but it’s felt all over the body.

One reaction to stress is muscle tension. Muscles will contract tightly when you’re feeling stressed, which causes tension, aches and cramping.

The most affected areas include the back, shoulders and neck. There are a lot of techniques that can be used to relieve muscle tension & pain. The first step is to determine the cause of your stress. The pain can be addressed by stretching, breathing exercises, or getting a massage.

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