Getting Massaged with CBD Infused Oil; Will I Get High?

There has been a lot of buzz around the whole phenomenon of CBD products and their benefits for a heathier lifestyle.

There are commercials on TV, Instagram, Facebook, shoot, grandma and mom are using them for their ailing muscles or necks. It’s even at the gas station down the street now!

The common thought is that it might be “safer” to try it in lotion form versus smoking it. With how prominent it is becoming in pop culture, more and more folks are being told about CBD massages and lord knows most folks could use one using CBD infused oils and lotions.

But, will you get high? That’s usually what most folks want to know. And that is a great question to ask.

So here is the answer:

A CBD infused massage is one of the safest and best ways to enjoy the benefits of the cannabis plant without experiencing any “high.” A CBD oil massage has all the benefits of a regular massage as well as the added benefits of CBD.

The truth is that CBD is the part of the cannabis plant that does not have any psychoactive effects and contains such a low amount of THC, which is the active component to creating that, “high”, that you get all of the benefits without crossing into that taboo conversation.

And just in case you still aren’t sure about it, when a massage therapist uses CBD infused oils during a massage, the oil will not penetrate the blood stream, just into those muscles that need calm down and relax.

So, you can rest assured knowing that there will be no high. You might feel a little more relaxed and your muscles might feel like jello, but that’s probably the effects of a good massage mixed with some good oil.

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