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CBD Supplements

CBD Supplements

Organic CBD Supplements

Did you know that the skin is our largest organ? When topicals are applied to the skin, the active cannabinoids can be directly absorbed. Our Cbd topical is enriched with terpenes which work together with the Cbd for more anti-inflammatory and pain relieving power. This product works with the pain receptors on the skin to help with arthritic pain, muscle aches, nerve pain and fibromyalgia symptoms.

  • Organically Sourced

  • Terpene Enriched

  • Whole Plant

  • Balance for the Body

“I love that I get to use this product during massage. My job is very labor intensive, so the topical really helps my hands and shoulders. I apply it between clients on long days. I also like to use the tinctures for my anxiety and to help me sleep at night.”

Kat C. - Massage Therapist

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