Top 5 Benefits: Floating in Zero Gravity

FloatingZerobody Dry Float Bed (Or the Zerobody Dry Floating Experience as we call it) is a method of regenerating the body and mind. It’s benefits cover different aspects of our daily life, from the treatment of insomnia to chronic pain, from cognitive enhancement to athletic recovery after injury.

While floating, some specific brain areas are activated, stimulating a physiological response opposite to stress, with an improvement in mental performances.

Meanwhile, the absence of points of contact has a beneficial effect on the body.

Here are the top 5 benefits of floating for your mind & body:

  1. Floating reduces stress levels. Not everyone knows that stress can be quantified by measuring the cortisol in the blood. Floatation reduces its levels by half compared to a traditional relax bed. We all know how dangerous stress can be for our well-being, so anything we can do to reduce it should be done as often as possible.
  2. It affects our mood in a positive way. During the floating experience, the body stops adjusting body temperature and gravitational orientation: two activities that alone absorb up to 80% of our resources. Having cast off this burden, the body is free to produce endorphins, the substances associated with well-being. The float session also favors the production of serotonin, the “happy hormone.”
  3. Quality sleep. Sleep issues? Floatation positively affects sleep quality, with effective and lasting results. Sensory isolation in a floatation tank can induce a deep relaxation and deep sleep patterns. It has been said that a 60 minute float is equal to 3-4 hours of sleep time.
  4. Muscle Recovery. After just one single float session, muscle pain can be considerably reduced, thus ensuring quicker energy level recovery and faster tissue regeneration.
  5. Mind regeneration. Better focus and concentration. Because floating can activate specific areas of the brain, studies have shown it to increase mental performances including focus and concentration.
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